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We have found infilytics software useful for our microdata analysis, as unlike other software for audit e.g. IDEA or Excel based macro-enabled models, this provides a platform with flexibility to examine large structured data using standard / pre-verified queries. We also find its reporting interface useful.

Department of Supervision, Reserve Bank of India

Micro data analytics team

Department of Supervision, Reserve Bank of India

Financial Analysis

Impress your clients with in-depth financial insights. infilytics automates data analysis of financial statements, market trends, and industry benchmarks. Generate comprehensive reports, identify key financial metrics, and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

Due Diligence

Streamline due diligence processes with infilytics. Automate data extraction, analysis, and risk assessment, enabling you to perform comprehensive due diligence quickly and efficiently. Make informed investment decisions and mitigate risks for your clients.


Enhance audit efficiency and accuracy with infilytics. Automate data collection, analysis, and anomaly detection, empowering you to perform comprehensive audits with greater speed and precision. Identify potential issues, ensure compliance, and deliver valuable insights to your clients.

Tax Planning

Optimize tax strategies with data-driven insights. infilytics automates tax data analysis, regulation identification, and potential deduction exploration. Help your clients minimize tax liabilities, maximize deductions, and achieve optimal tax efficiency.