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Conversational analytics

Talk to your data using Generative AI and unlock data insights within seconds.

Aira copilot

Unlock the power of data with Aira Copilot, it transforms your questions into automated analytical workflows, saving you time and effort.

Auto insights

Go beyond surface-level data exploration. Auto Insights automates 'what, why, and how' analysis, providing you with a clear understanding of your data and the stories it holds.

Analytics at the speed of thought

Connect, analyse, visualize and discover insights from your data with power of AI, all within seconds.





Accelerate journey from data to decisions

infilytics is easy to use, powerful in solving any data analytical problems and fastest in industry

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Blazing fast queries with power of in-memory processing engine. Million records can be analyzed within seconds


Get AI powered insights by simply talking to your data. Immediately jumpstart on your analytical journey.


100+ functions can solve any data analytical challenges.


Boost productivity by min. 25% by automating repetitive analytical tasks.

Analytics for all

Liberate from traditional analytics solution and accelerate path from data to decisions

Real Time Insights

Real Time Insights


Transform data into real-time insights, enabling instant, informed decision-making.

Democratize Data Access

Democratize Data Access


Perform ad hoc analysis across all the data to uncover hidden opportunities.

Automate Workflows

Automate Workflows


Streamline repetitive and complex processes and help business make informed decisions faster.

testimonial quote

We have found infilytics software useful for our microdata analysis, as unlike other software for audit e.g. IDEA or Excel based macro-enabled models, this provides a platform with flexibility to examine large structured data using standard / pre-verified queries. We also find its reporting interface useful.

Department of Supervision, Reserve Bank of India

Micro data analytics team

Department of Supervision, Reserve Bank of India

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infilytics is a control monitoring tool which made our Regulatory Compliances easy to a great extent enabling better audit assurance. It automates internal audit processes and helps organisations manage their risks in comprehensive and time bound manner. It gives us near real time visibility into the areas of improvement based on analysing data at the click of a button without any manual intervention.

CEO, Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank

Vinod Sharma

CEO, Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank

testimonial quote

We have found infilytics highly informative as well as eye opener on audit purpose at all the levels reaching up to RBI audit too. infilytics has immensely helped us to focus on actionable insights. It has reduced our auditing efforts while increasing audit efficiency. We are very satisfied buying this tool and realized 100% ROI in the first year itself.

Managing Director, The Bardoli Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd

Dr. Pushpkant R. Pandey

Managing Director, The Bardoli Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd

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