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We have found infilytics highly informative as well as eye opener on audit purpose at all the levels reaching up to RBI audit too. infilytics has immensely helped us to focus on actionable insights. It has reduced our auditing efforts while increasing audit efficiency. We are very satisfied buying this tool and realized 100% ROI in the first year itself.

Managing Director, The Bardoli Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd

Dr. Pushpkant R. Pandey

Managing Director, The Bardoli Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd

Financial Analysis

Gain deeper insights into your financial health with infilytics. Automate analysis of financial statements, cash flow, and key metrics. Generate insightful reports, identify financial trends, and make data-driven decisions for long-term success.

Compliance Testing

Ensure adherence to financial regulations with infilytics. Automate data collection, analysis, and reporting to meet strict compliance requirements. Streamline the compliance testing process and demonstrate regulatory oversight effectively.

Internal Control Testing

Strengthen your internal controls with infilytics. Automate data analysis of transactions, account reconciliations, and access controls. Identify potential control weaknesses proactively and maintain a robust internal control framework.

Fraud Detection

Safeguard your organization from financial fraud with infilytics. Build custom bots to analyze financial transactions, identify suspicious activity, and flag potential fraud attempts. Protect your business from financial losses and maintain financial integrity.